Better than Truck Tailgate Wraps

Truck tailgate wraps are great for advertising your business or your passion.  However, they are a pain to deal with and can damage your vehicle.  Biggie Billboards is excited to offer an affordable solution to bring visibility to your business or passion. Our truck tailgate billboards are a better solution to maximize your exposure and share your message with the world! 

Use Biggie Billboards' truck tailgate billboards as an alternative to truck tailgate wraps to show clear, easy-to-read messages about your business to thousands of people. Simply drive around with a billboard on your car and watch the customers start pouring in — it's a low-cost investment with fantastic returns.

Take Advantage of Traffic!

Your tailgate is in front of thousands of people every day. Put a Biggie Billboard on your tailgate and share your message with the world.

Patent-Pending Technology

Biggie’s patent-pending technology creates the world's first removable and re-usable tailgate banner. 100% custom made to fit your truck so you can take it on and off quickly and easily.

Engineered tough but gentle

We love trucks, and we know you love your truck too. That’s why we’ve engineered Biggie to be tough but gentle on your truck, with no-scratch materials and rubber-padded parts.