How to Advertise

Tailgate Ads Can Be Incredibly Effective

Put an as on your tailgate and hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers will see it every day, Here's how to get the most from youe tailgate ad.

Make Your Tailgate Ad as Large as Possible

Make your ad bigger and more potential customers will see it.

It's obvious but often overlooked - customers need to see your ad for it to work. To ensure that customers can see your ad, make your tailgate ad as large as possible by using the whole tailgate.

Make your ad bigger and more people will be "wowed" by it.

The ideal ad catches your attention. Imagine you're watching your favorite sporting event on TV - would you rather watch it on a small television or on a giant 4K HD TV? It's the same for tailgate ads. Maximize "wow" by making your tailgate ad as large as possible.

Research results:

Stickers and magnets come in all
shapes and sizes, but the largest size that will fit most trucks is about 18” x 24”, which covers less than 25% of the area of the average tailgate. We did a bit of online sleuthing and found a supplier offering 18” x 40” stickers and magnets and that’s awesome – but unfortunately that size won’t work on most trucks. There simply isn’t that much flat surface available on most tailgates (magnets and stickers need a flat surface to attach to, they can’t conform to curved or bent surfaces and they don’t adhere over lettering or logos). Note as well that if you have a Ford truck from 2015 onwards, magnets cannot attach to the aluminum

Make Your Tailgate Ad as Professional Looking as Possible

When it fits great it looks more professional

Wraps are custom fit for the tailgate and look very
professional. Biggie Billboards are custom fit for the year, make, and model of
truck and look very professional as well.

When the print quality is great it looks more

Most reputable companies supplying wraps, stickers, and
magnet use high quality substrate materials, inks, and printing processes. You
should be able to get something that looks great if you purchase any of these
products. At Biggie Billboards we use an 18-ounce premium double-sided vinyl substrate,
printed with vivid color eco-solvent inks, to deliver outstanding print quality.

There’s one more factor to consider here, and that is the
image quality. Most billboard ads feature an image, but it takes an extremely high-resolution
image to look good on a 60” wide billboard. Biggie uses 36.69” x 55.04” 300 DPI
images to ensure that your ad looks amazing, whether it’s viewed close up or
from 200 feet away.

When the ad itself is well designed it looks more

There are so many things to consider when designing an ad.
What are the best colors? How many words can you use? How many ideas can you
communicate in a single ad (the answer by the way is one!)? How big should the type
be? What’s the ideal design layout? Creating a great ad is both art and science.
Regardless of whether you choose a sticker, wrap, magnet, or Biggie Billboard, to
create the best possible ad we recommend you hire a professional.

At Biggie Billboards we offer this service to our customers
for free. Our advertising professionals know what it takes to create a winning
billboard ad and we’re committed to helping our customers succeed!

Cost and Installation

Vehicle advertising is widely considered to be one of the
most cost-effective forms of advertising available to small and medium sized
businesses. In fact, for most businesses it only takes a single customer to pay
back the cost of the advertisement. Here are the approximate material costs and
related installation considerations:

Your first Biggie installation includes setting up the mounting system and will take about 8 or 9 minutes. After that, installation takes under 2 minutes! And removal is even easier - less than 20 seconds.

Research results:

The technology used in premium wraps is making it easier to
install these successfully. The degree of difficult depends on the exact tailgate and how contoured the surface is, how much vehicle lettering there is, whether the logo has been removed, etc., plus of course your personal installation experience. The internet is full of people sharing both horror stores and successful installation stories. If you speak with professional wrap installers,
they’ll tell you that 95% of their customers are people who tried to do it themselves and were not happy with the results. Our recommendation if you’re considering a wrap is to talk to a professional installer and get their opinion on the viability of a DIY install for your particular tailgate (and maybe buy the materials from them as a “thank-you” if you decide to do it yourself 😊).

On/Off Flexibility and the Ability to Change-out Ads

We all want what we want when we want it!

Applied to tailgate advertising, that means most of us want to advertise when we want to and take the ad off when we want to. Sometimes you just want to go to church/synagogue/mosque/mother in-law's/jury duty!/other without a prominent ad on your truck.

There’s one other important factor to consider. For some businesses, a single ad is all they need. But many businesses would generate A LOT more sales if they were able to run different ads throughout the year – brand awareness ads, seasonal special ads, new product ads, etc. If this is you, then you need the ability to change out your tailgate ads quickly and easily.

Our Recommendations:

Wraps are the best choice when:

- Money is no object

- You're confident that the same ad will be effective for 5+ years

- You don't want or need to take the ad on and off

Biggie Billboards are the best choice when:

- You're looking for something moderately priced

- You want the most effective ad possible

- You want the flexibility to take the ad on and off, or use different ads at different times.